How to fix your microphone in Couter Strike: Global Offensive


Here is a little written tutorial how to fix your microphone in csgo.

First of all, the problem appears when you start the game and than your microphone goes up to 100% in the windows settings.
That will cause some awefull communication problems ingame.

The solutions

First Solution:

The easiest way to solve this problem would be to download the “Microphone Volume Fix Map” that i created to fix this problem in a few clicks.
Download the Map here : DOWNLOAD

Second Solution:

The other solution would be to type it manually in the Console.

Step 1

Open the Console

Step 2

Type now this command : (voice_mixer_volume) don’t use the brackets. After you putted the command in the console you need to write which percentage you want to have on your microphone.
For exemple, in my case i use: (voice_mixer_volume 0.20) don’t use the brackets. This means my microphone is locked at 20% in the windows settings.

Step 3

Submit the command (press Enter)

Step 4

Restart the game
And voilĂ  your problem should be solved !


If you want help with other stuff please write it down in the comments.

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