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Today i will give you my 5 TIPS:
how to get a better rank in CS:GO and maybe get out of Silver or Nova ranks.
I am actually on Master Gardian II. I’am not the best player but i’m progressing and i hope becoming a DMG soon.

First of all, check out this picture to see the ranks and what they mean.



If you are a new player in Counter Strike: Global Offensive than this is the most important step for you.

You need to find the best in-game settings for you.

  • You need to select a Viewmodel that is optimised for your eyes.
    You probably already saw that some CS players have the weapon on the left side of the screen and some other players use it on the right side.
    Why that ?
    That is cause not all humain eyes work the same way.
    Here is the best way to determine if you should play with your weapon left or right…
    Check out this video from the Youtuber called : luckySkillFaker
    He explains the easyest way to do that trick.

  • You need to create a crosshaire that will be the best for your “PlayStyle”
    The default crosshaire from the game is not the best one.
    You can change the settings from the crosshaire in the CSGO Settings (Option>Game Settings)
    Or you can use a workshop map that i also used to create my first crosshaire.
    You can check out the Map here : crashz’ Crosshair Generator v2
  • The last thing is to finde the best sensitivity for your style.
    There are many tutorials out there showing you how to finde it and how test your sensitivity.
    The most important thing you need to feel good when you aim around a map.
    There is no ultimate sensitivity to be a pro.
    Everyone has different settings.
    My map “the SENSITIVITY GENERATOR” is i think the best way to start for new players.

The 3 things i just explained to you are there to better your “PlayStyle”
The other settings from the game, you can change them by your liking.


The second most important step to do befor playing a real competitive match is to warm up and there are a few different methods.

There are many many maps to download and they will help you practice on them. Just search for them on the workshop.


Learn the maps.

There are 15 maps that you can use to play competitive matches, but not all of these 15 maps are played by pros and the common players also don’t use all the maps to play competitive.
Here is the list of the most played maps in CSGO:

Dust 2 (Not played by pros it has been taken out of the pro map  pool cause it will be remaked by valve)

You can not be good on all maps that’s a fact. You need to concentrate on one map and when you think that you play well on that map then you can switch to another map and practice there.

There are also good maps again on the workshop to practice diverse situations that can be helpfull.

  • Smoke spots
  • Flashes
  • Spots
  • Boosts


If you want to rank up fast you need to find some teammates.

It is really important to have some good teammates which will communicate and make the calls.
That also means you need to communicate with your team as well.
Buy a microphone don’t type in the chat (It’s not facebook…) Your team has no time to read your chat calls.
If you play solo, there is a high probability to be trown in a match with people speaking another language.

If you dont have friends playing CSGO than make some friends with this tip.
There is a good way to play with people from your country.

Valve patched recently this little feature: THE PUBLIC LOBBIES


A good way to get better and to rank up fast is to watch pro matches

When you have time or you don’t know what to do.
You can improve your skill by watching professionals using their tricks and it will also be good for you.

You can watch these type of matches on twitch.tv or here is a website that is focused on Esport matches (esportlivescore.com).
This website will help you to finde these pro matches.

Screenshot taken on: http://en.pro.eslgaming.com/

I hope my tips will help you.
If you have any questions don’t hesitate i’m here to help 😀

Have a good day guys!

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