Battle Royale in CSGO


The Battle Royale genre is getting bigger and bigger every day.
Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is a name that all gamers know.

A few Months ago a Mod developer with the name of Kinsi created a Battle Royale gamemode for CSGO.
He called it Go 4 the kill.

This Mod is free and all you need is to have CSGO installed on your PC.

Here is a little preview

Here are the steps you need to follow to play this gamemode.

Step 1

Go to this website (

Step 2

Log in with your steam account

Step 3

After you logged in with your steam account

Click on your Name and go to the Settings

Step 4

Check the little box where it says (I’ve read the rules and do accept them)

After that click on SAVE

Step 5

Open CSGO the game and minimize it (ALT + TAB) or (ALT + ESC) to go back to the website

Step 6

Now you can select if you want to play SOLO just click on SOLO and it will start searching and for DUO you need to invite your friend and then click on DUO.

To invite your friend click on the (+) sign.

Step 7

You will be in a queue after the search is over a pop-up will show on your screen where you need to click on ACCEPT.

After that another pup-up will be on your screen where you need to click on CONNECT LINK

Step 9

Maximize CSGO again and you will be loading to the server



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