5 Tips to start creating maps


1. Motivation

Be sure that you are motivated to start a project that is time consuming and that is nerve-racking.
Sometimes, i had these moment where i just want to give up on that map cause it’s taking me time and i don’t want to put my time in that.
You need to know that creating map won’t pay you… If you make maps it’s only for your own pleasure.


2. Idea

Your idea must be unique, if you want some success with your map be sure that this content what you have in your head doesn’t allready exist.
There is a good way to check if your idea is unique.

You need to search it on the Steam workshop: Click here to go to the workshop


3. Knowledge of the SDK

You need to learn how the tools work. There are some good videos on youtube with the hammer editor if you really want to see how the SDK tools work.

You can check out few of my video i did with the editor: Tutorial Playlist by ARI-ONE

Or you can also check out this great youtuber called TopHATTwaffle. I learned alot from the videos he makes. It is really good explained and always recorded with good quality : Check out hes Channel

You can also read everything on the official Valve Wiki page about the Hammer Editor : Click here to go to the Wiki page


4. Test your map

Like the title says befor publishing any map you need to test it.
Not only once and the job is done.
In my case i always test my map 2-3 times a day. After the testing, i go and update the problems i saw when i was testing.

After these tests and after you are sure that your map is ready, you still don’t publish the map.
The next step would be to let some of your friends that you know well test your map and wait on their feedback.

After those feedbacks you have recieved, update your map, fix the bugs and test it again by yourself.


5. Publishing

This is i think the most important thing you need to respect when your map is ready.

You need to record a video/trailer of your map.
Show them your work and that you are proud of that.
Most of the content on the workshop doesn’t have a video, it has just a thumbnail picture and in the most cases this picture is also just not well done.

This step is the one that will determinate if your map is a success or not !

  • That means prepare a good description for your map.
    Explain to the people how the map is played, what team should they join by starting your map.
  • Prepare a good thumbnail that will attract people.
    With a Bold font and a screenshot of your map.
    For example my map here : Zombie Asylum

  • The last thing you need to watch is the timing.
    When do you want to make this map public?
    Don’t publish maps when there is some Big concurrence on the platform.
    They already have a big following that means they will be on the front page and not you.
    So befor publishing, take a look what is currently new to the workshop and is already top of the score board.
    If there is no concurrence, than you have “Autorisation” for making your map public.


Thanks for reading.

I hope this post will help you with your maps.


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