Welcome to the website with Q&A / FAQ

This little post is just here tho say hello to you guys and to show you something i worked on since a long time.
I will just answer some questions you might have.


  • Q: Why should i visit this website ?
  • A: This website will reassemble all my work in one place. It will be the place from the ARI-ONE community.
  • Q: What can i do here ?
  • A: You will be able to make suggestions for new projects i’m working on. You will be able to speak to other members from the same community with similar interests.
  • Q: Why should I donate?
  • A: If you really like the maps the videos i make, donating will help me to continue and make some more content for you guys.
  • Q: What is the language i can use to ask you questions
  • A: The best language would be English but i also speak french, german and bosnian

If you have other questions about the website and about the future of Ari-One projects.
You can ask them down in the comments.


Have a good day guys 😀

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